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I was going through twitter, and I was checking out how many people and how many organizations I was following and they are in the thousands, but I really did spend some time checking out what the network Cherry Pimps was posting I really do like all the information that they give out on a daily basis. The same thing I get to see very often on another page that I follow and that would be that happens to be my favorite dating website and I have to be honest I find that twitter is the most useful social media network that there is simply because it keeps me in contact with all these great pages without even having to go and look for the myself.

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The bitch in the photograph is just one of the Hot Pornstars that I’m getting to watch live patently nearly every day on my website that I mentioned first above. I just thought it was cool to post a picture of her because this girl here really does deliver and you should see her having sex in real time, in other words while she is fucking you actually get the chance to check it all out like if you were there in the room with them, that’s how good it is about why I posted the link that leads to that specific website so that you can see for yourself what I’m talking about without me having to continue.

then if you don’t mind I would like to talk about Leaked Porn Videos and a blog that I discovered not too long ago and that I am visiting very often because it updates every single day with a new homemade or amateur porn video that is their own exclusive and that nobody else has.

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All you want in life, well that’s all I want in life to be honest is some quality Live Porn. That’s what a certain Jeremy Johnson from New Jersey said when I was in a forum discussion not too long ago. I then informed Jeremy about the website that I have placed a link in this paragraph. He vanished from the discussion for a few hours then came back and wrote a whole article about what he had found. That’s why I always think the best thing to do is not go into extremely long descriptions and it comes down to explaining what the website is all about.

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The best thing to do is to give the largest details and facts in one bundle, a couple of paragraphs and then post the links, but not to the home page but to the pages where they can find the most information, before you can let them jump right to it and see with their own eyes what it’s all about. I for example as you can see have just posted the page to Lisa Ann Live porn shows, you can actually see one of the hottest adult entertainers ever existed in act.

Or let’s say if you are at work and you really can’t click on those links above, or if you feel that somebody is a looking behind to shoulder you can always click on the Cherrypimps page on Facebook. It’s all clean, it’s all decent, it’s all up to Facebook standards and therefore there is no pornography on their but there are many photographs of the hot models and biographies of them all including tons of information.

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Ava you filthy fucking whore, because thats what Hot Pornstar Ava Devine is, a fucking slut. She’s in the biz for the cash, but in an interview that I had with her this past week, she claimed that she would do it even for free if she had to and that she can’t live without a cock inside her at least once every other day. If it wont come to her, she said that she’ll make a bunch of calls till she finds someone that is willing to fuck her like crazy!


Thats my kind of girl on the side, someone that I could fuck on a daily basis behind my girlfriends back, only thing though is that me hanging out with someone like Pornstar Ava Devine, I’d soon be pinched, because she has fans hanging around her like Paki’s on curry LOL. I’d be spotted and busted right away. However a good hard fuck now and then with a gorgeous babe like her would be the thing!

I can’t even do that either, like Ava would want to bang me LOL. So I do watch her on and I really do enjoy her live pornstar shows. I invite you all to check them out as well and you can do so by taking the free trial, that way you can see what it’s all about even before you think of paying.

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Dillon Harper isn’t Asian!!! So what the heck is she doing on a blog that is entirely dedicated to Asian adult models? Well, she is so good, she is so perfect, she is so everything that she has no race she has no ethnic, she is world wide, she is better than anything to see yet in the adult industry and that’s why she is today being posted on a non related adult blog.

This was quite a surprise I knew that there were a lot of popular porn stars that were signing up in exclusive to to specific websites to do life porn videos, but I was absolutely stunned and of course extremely happy when I found out about the Dillon Harper Live Porn deal that she just signed with the dudes over at and the sister site The reason that it came to a fixed price to me is that I know for a fact that Dillon Harper, works in exclusive for very few adult entertainment companies and that her porn videos are considered like a Picasso painting LOL, they are extremely well-made, they are not as frequent as many other porn stars like to do and come out with dozens of movies every year, she takes her time and does it extremely well and therefore when I found out that she was going to start a new adventure in live porn, I had absolutely no doubt was going to be a great success for her, for the people that hired her in exclusive and of course for everyone that will sit down and watch her having sex in real time via WebCam!

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This Dillon Harper deal is the cherry on the cake of the company I mean don’t take me wrong they have hundreds of famous porn stars but signing on her privately shows to what extent they can get to what reach they have in the adult industry and they can go way beyond any other company and bring on their ship any adult model they actually want to.

So after watching the close to a dozen professional porn videos that she is made in the time that I have been following her, after going through the numerous high-definition photographs of her photo shoot outs, of her showing all her goods, that perfect body and gorgeous Rachel features, I can now actually enjoy Dillong Harper Live, in a live performance where she is actually hitting banged and while she is having sex I and thousands of others will sit in and watch, watch her getting boned in real time right there and then. If you want to be part of the gang that has the opportunity to see these amazing porn videos while they are happening, my suggestion would be to you to click on one of the links that I have provided in this blog article and to read about it directly from the source and if you think that it is something good like already close to 2 million already think so, and sign up taking the free trial that way you can check it out on the inside at no cost to yourself, no one will ask you for a credit card and if you’re not satisfied you can simply walk away, that’s called transparency, that’s called being honest with the client that’s what I call a trusted source of adult entertainment.

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When I say they are doing life sex on WebCam I don’t mean that they are doing themselves that they are using a dildo to get you guys aroused, that could occur but maybe for a few minutes at the start of the Live Pornstars sex show, but after that a guy walks in and she starts to get banged, she will suck on that cock, she will back cock in all her holes and she will be doing it while they all WebCams in that studio that are filming everything, that’s right this is live porn star sex as it were a point video only thing though is that this porn video is actually being broadcasted live over this specific website, that specific website is linked in this paragraph and is there for you to click on whatever you want to, you can continue reading or you can already go over there and check it out for yourself.

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When I say life Pornstar Shows I’m extremely famous porn stars, I mean porn stars that are no all over the world, I don’t mean a woman at the start of her career or that has done to porn videos in all her life no I am talking about famous women that do this, that take cock in all their holes for a living they are professional porn stars gorgeous porn stars.

It’s like a live porn video, it actually like a porn video, with the only difference that it is live, with the only difference that it is 100 times more exciting, with the only difference that it is improvised and not edited and these Live Porn shows cost a lot less you could possibly imagine and I am talking about if you want to watch one individual show without signing up website it will cost you $2.99, and that is to watch a famous porn star have sex life for nearly 2 hours… IM NOT FUCKING KIDDING YOU!

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